Saturday, January 19, 2013

Twinkly Matera and Calabrian Chocolate Truffles

  • If you haven't seen the Nativity in St Peter's Square yet, it's still there for a few more weeks
  • with the Christmas Tree too. The queues might be shorter now and if the snow comes like
  • last year it could be a magical sight. The Nativity lighting changes, taking you from dusk
  • till dawn. The village is based on the town of Matera in Basilicata. As the sun goes down,
  • lights start to twinkle in the windows and a star shoots across the sky.

  • Then after I recommend dinner at Falcone, a pizzeria, restaurant two minutes walk from
  • Cipro metro (not to be confused with Antico Falcone). Pizza is delicious, homemade
  • chocolate tartufo from Calabria, quiet and nice waiters. If you are staying near the
  • Vatican, it's close but you'll never find it so either go to Cipro metro and ask someone or get a
  •  taxi to take you there.  Delicious food, normal prices and no arrogant waiters.


  1. It's my dream to be in Rome some Christmas, so I'll save these suggestions for when that day comes. Grazie mille!! (I've seen Matera in person, and it does indeed look like a Nativity scene.)

  2. Hi Jann, Every year the Nativity in St Peter's square is lovely but this year it was super special. I love the fact they leave it there until February, giving more people the chance to enjoy it. Well worth the visit

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